Past Winners & Finalists

2019 Finalists

Winner is Kelvin Lim (Singapore) and 2 finalist are Landung Eko Hardiono and Ong Shze Yong

2018 Finalists

Winner is Kelvin Hii Chee Yun (Malaysia) and 2 finalist are Efren C.Caringal and Kelvin Yoong

2017 Finalists

Winner is Ms Vandaly Souvannasouck and 2 finalist are Mr Radius Meireza and Mr Sebastian Voon Wei Hsii

2016 Finalists

Winner is Mr Nitipong Pruchyanimit and 2 finalist are Mr Julius Pratama and Mr Lo Chin Loon

2015 Finalists

Winner is Ms Oudamsoriya Hun and 2 finalist are Mr M Krismara and Ms Srisakul Jaikosolkijpakorn

2014 Finalists

Winner is Mr. Loke Chang Yueh and 2 finalist are Ms. Tay Chin Mei Susan and Mr. Azrul Azam Abdul Abas

2013 Finalists

Winner is Mr Pham Anh Tuan and 2 finalist are Mr Tan Kian Beng and Mr Nadarajan Ashokkumar

2012 Finalists

Winner is Mr. Pichet Jiaramaneetaveesin  and 2 finalist are Mr Yap Chee Keong and Mr Wong Wai Sing

2011 Finalists

Winner is Mr. Koh Kok Keong , Kevin and 2 finalist are Mr. Wong Chung Chiat and Ms.Nursuryati Mahmud

2010 Finalists

Winner is Mr. Carlo Angelo Diaz  and 2 finalist are Mr. Koh Hong Kwan and Ms. Siti Nita Zuhra Binti Mohd Nazri

2009 Finalists

Winner is Mrs. Sophia Ch'ng Sok Heang and 2 finalist are Mr. Shamsudin Yusof and Mr. Brata Wibawa Djojo

2008 Finalists

Winner is Mr. Zachary Tan Mein Wei  and 2 finalist are Mr. Christopher Teo Sze Tech and Mr. Winyou Chaiyawan

2007 Finalists

Winner is Mr. Melvin Esteban and 2 finalist are Mr. Hasnol Mohamed Hussin and Mr. Hanindio W. Hadi

2006 Finalists

Winner is H.E Dr Vong Bunintreavuth  and 2 finalist are Mr. Chan Hang Eng and Mr. Wilfred Blackburn

2005 Finalists

Winner is Mr. Sara Lamsam and 2 finalist are Ms. Lim Mia and Mr. Wilfred Blackburn

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